Client Success Stories & Testimonials


"I feel this is invaluable information" ... I feel tht now I can really achieve the success I always wanted", A.B.



"The clarity of watching those things which are surrounding me daily and I was always wondering about them. Now I have logic and realistic parameters to evaluate and make decisions about my personnel and their productivity”, F.M.B.



" This action and data will impact very positively on the expansion of the business. Congratulations, great course” B.B.



"The information received was very useful, valuable and interesting. Great. Thank you." O.M. 

Software Developer

In one year and a half, revenues from high profit operations like direct on-line sales grew by ten times during the same period, from an average of $10,000 per month to $100,000 per month. Profit returned to owners multiplied by almost ten times.

Legal Services Office

Unproductive staff, lack of management motivation and absence of strategy.  Total revenue grew from an average of $ 90,000 per month to an average of more than $ 150,000 per month in a period of six months. The same staff was getting almost 70% more revenue. The owner's profit multiplied by five times.

IT Business


Small national operation with no international product, local limited market, strong international competition, no experience on setting up international sales and services. A Global distribution and support network was built from scratch, growing from zero to global and local distribution channels, 45 national franchises, 2 fully owned subsidiaries and one joint venture.


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